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CRC Mining

Cooperative Research Centre For Mining


CRC Mining is a multi-million-dollar mining research group, established by the Commonwealth Government under the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program, and supported by 13 industry and university participants, including some of the biggest names in the mining business.

CRC Mining

CRCMining is one of approximately 70 CRCs. The CRC Program was established in May 1990 by the Australian Government to foster cooperative research ventures and strengthen links between industry, research organisations, and educational and government institutions.

CRCMining's VISION is to provide the research and development drive for Australia to become the world leader in the introduction and exploitation of innovative mining systems that 1) better manage risk, 2) improve safety, and 3) improve the economic performance of mining operations.

CRCMining's MISSION is to develop a range of new technologies and processes to generate major improvements in the way mining operations are conducted, and to deliver each improvement opportunity in the shortest practical timeframe consistent with the scale and nature of the development